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How Clubhouse is making 5 digit salaries for its users - CH Monetization is live!

Clubhouse, the rapidly growing Audio-only social media platform dropped bombs by announcing its first monetization tool. Select people in the now 15 million user app have been granted access to receive payments from all other users on the app while the app is still in Beta Stage. This is a very big announcement although the app is still only available on ios devices and will have to deal with some major obstacles ahead of it.

There is a whole conversation around China's backdoor policy, and also potential challenges with CFTC regarding where Clubhouse is headed, but we'll leave that for another topic to write about when we have more news and details on that.

Nevertheless, Moderators should be extremely happy with the current opportunity that allows them to charge (receive tips) for however that they desire. The amounts could be anything as little as a dollar to potentially a few thousand dollars per app user in the room. We have news that amounts bigger than 10,000 dollars have been blocked by Stripe - a payment processing platform. There are moderators already with millions or hundreds of thousands of followers that this update made their lives a lot easier and more rewarding.

The value of Clubhouse is that people, for the first time on social media can find and directly hear/learn from the content creators that share real value to their audience. That value has been getting shared more genuinely and with zero photoshop, or other cosmetics upgrades we're used to in the current social media apps such as Instagram.

Now, the monetization part of CH can even be deemed as taking another step closer to the decentralized economy, by removing the need for content creators to work with multiple layers of rent-seeking middleman that used to organize what Clubhouse provides now for free. Although at its current shape and format, the app has no ties to any existing blockchain project, its foreseeable such evolution will happen in the near future.

Audio Influencers that find their niche and establish their audience have claimed to make upwards of 30 thousand dollars per month referring the audience to their products and services that are sold outside of the app. This is great for content creators that now can start receiving money right in the app.

Our club "Crypto Fundamentals" is one of the fast-growing clubs on Clubhouse. Last week ( Sunday at 12 pm PST) we hosted Nathan from Cryptonauts on our show and we showcased our own very unique format of organizing and moderating rooms. Alex Mashinsky ( 3x unicorn builder) CEO of Celsius Network has promised us to be on our Show very soon. We have a ton of other interesting people lined up for future events to teach people everything they need about decentralization through blockchain.

Follow our club on Clubhouse by clicking here so we can notify you about this great learning opportunity from the industry leaders while the app is still free. We will keep also our content for our current 250 members free and we'd like you to join them. Just showing up into our rooms, listening, or asking great questions will move you from the followers to our beloved members. We are excited to have you onboarded so we can share all the opportunities in the crypto industry while there is still time to take advantage of them.

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Mohammad Rizvi
Mohammad Rizvi
Jun 29, 2021
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