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Real E Chain Founder & CEO, Amir Allen Razi has been involved in the development of the Web3 space since 2017 supporting Major Crypto Exchanges, Defi platforms, NFT communities, and DAOs. 

After his Engineering degree from UCLA and an MBA from the University of Southern California in 2014, he learned about the power of Bitcoin and decentralization for humanity and immediately started his journey in the Crypto space.

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In 2018 he joined Sustany Capital, a crypto venture fund, and reported directly to the fund's General Partners regarding new Web3 investment opportunities. After he saw the exponential growth in the number of ecosystem players, he decided to launch Real E Chain as a platform to teach new entrants about the fundamentals of this nascent technology through a series of online courses. Since the launch over 2,000 students have participated in the series of online courses. 

He worked as a senior business development manager for two major crypto exchanges OKX and Bitget. Now he is helping Web3 projects with their marketing and business development needs by tapping into his expertise and network. 

Real E Chain Agency has identified and partnered up with the best-in-class web3 partners to support projects with their marketing and business development needs. The current distributed team has helped projects grow their communities at a low acquisition cost, create high-quality content and events to engage the community, and hired top crypto influencers to grow their reach.

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