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Bitcoin is now Nuclear war Proof!

Bitcoin source code will be stored long term in a coal mine deep under Arctic permafrost in Norway.

Bitcoin’s source code, which is the fundamental building block of the entire Bitcoin network, is going to be placed into a film reel and stored 250 meters under the Arctic permafrost in Norway. The plan is for the code to be safely stored for 1,000 years. Notably, Bitcoin’s code will be stored only a mile away from the Global Seed Vault, which is also deep under the ice.

This is part of the larger GitHub Archive Program, where everything on GitHub as of 2 February will be stored on 3,500-foot film reels under Arctic ice, in addition to the Bodleian Library in Oxford. The repository in the Arctic, however, is the ultimate safeguard, in case the surface of the Earth is destroyed by a nuclear war or asteroid impact.

Now it can be truly said that Bitcoin is nuclear war proof. Even if every computer in the world which runs Bitcoin is destroyed, the code can be retrieved from under the Arctic ice and the Bitcoin network can be restarted.

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